Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Auteur watch - Michael, Stephen and Neil Tolkin

As with the Koepps, this is how it happens.  You use your brother to break into the big-time screenwriting, then toss him aside like a napkin at a picnic for the ants to carry away with the rest of the food.  But at least David Koepp's bringing home the bacon.  The Tolkins did that rapture movie, then went the opposite career direction into obscurity.  Michael Tolkin seems to be on a decade-long hiatus and longer.  Who can blame him?  If you remember the 2000s, you weren't in the White House.  Now he and Henry Jaglom are drinking in a bar someplace, reminiscing about working with David Duchovny. 

Neil Tolkin's apparently not related.


magpie said...
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magpie said...

Neil is related. He is the first cousin of michael and stephen who are brothers.

magpie said...

Michael also wrote The Player. Where we're you in the 2000's?