Monday, April 16, 2012

You Panem-heads!

I'm fascinated by this new web page view stats feature of Blogger.  Clearly, things have been going downhill for me since I started profiling Stooge shorts, but I can feel vindicated, at least for one week.  Of course, the The Hunger Games juggernaut rolls on... Geebus!  It's past the 300 million mark!  That usually happens during the summer... and that's just the film's budget!  Drumroll, please... Director Gary Ross should feel proud, and maybe he can use his new-fangled clout to get his next one-word-titled film into theaters.  Pleasantville, Seabiscuit... complete the trilogy, man!  Get Tobey Maguire out of retirement... he'll do it for you!  Anyway, the Farrellys did what they could: wall-to-wall adverts, phony Lunesta-style adverts, webinars... it was a close second, guys.  Kudos to you.  This makes up for last year's Hall Pass.  May your next one be the juggernaut, the next Something About Mary.  Really look for that special project that'll get you to god-like status once again.  The other debuts this week are a coupla clunkers: The Cabin in the Woods, and Lockout... I'm assuming they're clunkers.  They just don't do anything for me right now... I'm taking a cue from Homer in this latest episode.  He really gets into a TV show after it's off the air, but even more so when he's watching it on his web-enabled TV on the treadmill in the basement.  Apparently it would kill him to walk while watching TV.  Me, I might be able to do both (hint hint.......)

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