Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Most Profitable One of All...

Before we get to the big guns, I feel I need to give a shout out to Tyler Perry's Winter 2012 project, if only to point out that Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words has outlasted it by two weeks in the Top 10. Okay, on to the big winners. The Hunger Games continues to slake its thirst, crossing the $250 million barrier this week. Obviously it hasn't taken the populace by storm as Spider Man 2 did. These days you know you're a blockbuster if they count the number of hours it takes you to cross the various goalposts. How many hours did it take The Dark Knight to get to $100 million? That kind of deal. But much like the dystopia envisioned in said Hunger Games, America's just trying to scrape by as it is. We've got bills to pay and kids to raise, so who's got time for such nonsense? Am I right? As for the debuts this week, even the hot young debuts paled in comparison to Hunger. Clash of the Titans 2: the Re-Wrathening opened with a paltry 34 million! The Gods are not satisfied. That doesn't even cover the cost of converting it to 3D, for Gods' sake! At #3, Mirror Mirror almost nets 20 million. Me personally, I'm waiting for Bella Shaw's take... I mean, Bella Swan's take on the classic ICONIC Snow White story. If Dinklage doesn't play the chief dwarf I'm boycotting. But even the top 10 of the box office wants to cater to the coffee house types, so it's Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for them. Apparently it's been out for four weeks already, floating somewhere at 11th place or lower. Too many of these five word title movies like that for me, personally. Besides, I'm burned out on world travelling. I just saw Hanna and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. America, damn it! I'm going to watch some Kid Rock commercials. I never want to be away from a Harley or a Bullitt Mustang ever again! I'm an icon whore, and proud of it.

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