Sunday, April 29, 2012

Auteur watch - Bonnie and Terry Turner

What are these two up to lately?  The Saturday Night Live writing room didn't used to be a family friendly place til Tina Fey changed all that.  Before her, Bonnie and Terry seemed to be the only ones who somehow survived the coke-fueled all-nighters, landing themselves some sweet gigs, especially the Wayne's World movies, and of course, Tommy Boy, everybody's favorite.  Somehow, the world of the silver screen wasn't interesting enough.  They first took off in television, and they wanted to stay in television.  And damn it, they had some good ideas.  I can't help but admire their track record!  3rd Rock from the Sun, That 70s Show... okay, it's just those two, but still!  The Turners know better than anyone that the 70s will be the nostalgia decade of choice for decades to come.  The 80s, not as fun, but out of necessity the powers that be will keep foisting it back upon us.  Normally I'd ask what the auteurs are up to lately, but after That 70s Show and 30 Rock... I mean, 3rd Rock, what are they doing now?  Enjoying life, for God's sake!  I think they're well overdue for that.  Good work, guys.

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