Sunday, April 29, 2012

The pirates who do some Box Office

While Think Like a Man continues its reign at the top of the box office pile, the latest bout with Pirate fever comes courtesy of and the Wallace 'n Gromit folks.  I guess the shoestringers over at Big Idea can't afford the large upfront cost of 3D, the poor things.  Someday, Jesus... someday.  Everyone but Ricky Gervais does a voice for The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  Meanwhile, in even sadder news, producer Judd Apatow's influence is clearly waning as his latest The Five-Year Engagement merely debuts at #5.  Well, Jason Segel could probably use a break anyway.  He's got a Muppets sequel to ruin!  Right, The Onion?  The box office fickleness claims Jason Statham as its latest victim as well, as The Transporter April 2012 debuts at #6, taking in a mere 7.72 million.  And last but not least, John Cusack has to face the fact that just because he swallowed his pride and went on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Kimm's audience ain't buying it.  They can smell a non-starter a mile away, and The Raven debuts at #7.  Come back when you've got Hot Tub Time Machine 2 in the can.  Don't let it be a DVD premiere starring the Doofer, for God's sake!

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