Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Auteur Watch - André Braugher

Every brother out there wants to direct.  Well, when you've been in something like Edward Zwick's Glory, and forced to play the part that my man André had to play... well, I'm sure even the best of us would want to direct after that, if only out of a feeling of revenge.  His opposite role would have to be in A Better Way to Die which, I hate to say it, may be the first and last time I felt sympathy for Joe Pantoliano's character.  He's like if Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson had a baby... or maybe William Devane, one of those.  Anyway, after being directed by Scott Wiper, well, the thought of becoming a director just gets stronger and stronger.  Of course, the way Hollywood's going, directors have to look as pretty as the movie stars these days.  Michael Bay, Scott Wiper, Walt Becker... handsome, handsome, hansdome.  There's probably young people out there right now in film school, and they're probably being asked why they want to direct, and they're probably answering "I've got a hat!"
Reminds me of the repellent person I met at college once, and she told me "Okay, there's about a billion people right now trying to get into the film business, and here you are.  Lookatcha."  I guess she was a personal assistant to Don Rickles once or something, working on her lesbian road trip script on weekends.  But back to the case at hand.  Enough snark for now.  Has this dude got it?  Has André B-thousand got what it takes to sit in the folding chair and spend the next 24/7/90 putting the damn thing on film?  And then another 24/7/90 in editing?  Another 24/7/90 in sound editing?  WHAT'S THE GUY DIRECTED?!!!!  As it turns out, one third of the 1999 TV movie, Love Songs.
Okay, it's a start.  I guess he hasn't found another good project yet to do himself.  It's all good.

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