Friday, April 11, 2014

Blame it on Rio

There is no joy in Marvel-ville.  I mean, look at how much Rio 2 raked in this weekend!  Whew.  Meanwhile, the one the mortals call Oculus came in third.  Wonder if Akiva Goldsman had anything to do with it.  The only other debut this week is... oh, right!  Draft Day.  Ivan Reitman's doing a film more along the lines of son Jason for a change!  Yes, despite two of the non-Costner leads going on the John Daly show to promote it, it only came in fourth.  Oh, Colbert's going to have a field day with that.
In other news, Pompeii is still gone... oh, I can't resist!  Pompeii is gone, but director Paul W. S. Anderson's busy working on Resident Evil 6.  Better change that!  Gotta replace that numeral with a word, like Mutation or Asymptote or Wearing out its Welcome.

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