Friday, April 11, 2014

Pet Shop Popeye

Leave Well Enough Alone, indeed!  Well, even Popeye has to have an off day or two.  I mean, no spinach, no Bluto, no courting of Olive?  No ending Popeye theme?!!!!  No wonder that flea-bitten parrot is the star!  Apparently, Jack Mercer himself does double duty as the parrot's voice, so that's kinda fun.  I didn't know parrots could snort like a pig!
Oh, right.  The plot.  As you can see from the attached jpeg, Popeye's overcome with emotion, seeing all those cute little puppies clamoring over each other.  Do they not clamor for freedom?  Popeye goes inside and buys the lot.  And I mean, all the pets in Olive Oyl's Pet Shop.  Of course, they all seem to be dogs.  After some mental calculations, Olive arrives at an inflation-proof figure of $500 for all the pets.  I'll leave the haughtier economics discussions to smarter minds than mine, like Stephen Moore and Mankiw... you're welcome very much.  Popeye takes out his bankroll, peels a few lettuce sheets off it, and starts liberating all the pets en masse.  All that's left is the one lone parrot.  Popeye tries to tell the mule-stubborn bird that it's free to fly around.  The bird retorts that it's got everything it needs: a roof over its head, and three squares a day... or did I imagine that latter part?  The point being, society's turned that exotic bird into a pensioner!  Then again, even spiders and flies would rather be indoors!  They get enough fresh air as it is.
To make matters worse, the parrot points out what too much freedom has done to the dogs: society starts going to the dogs.  We see two dogs rooting around in the garbage.  Cue the dog catcher, who nabs two dogs at once.  A third dog emerges and gets a laugh out of the others' misfortune.  The icy hand of Disney-ified animation takes hold.  Popeye runs after the dog catcher who's never had a busier day in his life.  Popeye manages to catch up to the dog catcher and, before the dog catcher gets to dump all the dogs into the underground chute, Popeye gives the dog catcher some money, probably another $500.  Popeye scoops  up all the dogs, and carries them all back to Olive's pet shop, where they all quickly lock themselves back into their cages.  Their '60s over in one six minute short; something depressing about that.  The parrot gets the last verse; something even more depressing about that... but it's Jack Mercer, so it's all good.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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