Sunday, October 26, 2014

Auteur Watch - Ed Cambridge

Sadly, Mr. Cambridge has passed on to Director Heaven, where all the assistants have wings.  But if they're incompetent, like if they screw up the morning coffee or the afternoon coffee, the director gets to clip said wings as punishment.  Now I hate to sound like a Name-ist, but like Martin Scorsese was going to be a priest, Mr. Cambridge was originally going to be a famous scientist with articles in peer-reviewed journals, but you know how it is.  Some smart-ass third grader knows about Cambridge School and the taunting begins.  Then the guidance counselors start going "Your name is Cambridge and you're applying to Stanford?  What's wrong with you?"  Even the principal doesn't know what to do with you!  "This is the third time this week you've come to see me in my office!  You're a Cambridge.  Act like it!"  Clearly, Show Business was calling.
As it happens, two episodes of 227 was all the directing that Cambridge could handle, so he focused full bore on his first love, acting!  And it got him practically in Spielberg's director's seat.  He was in Deep Cover with Jeff Goldblum who starred in ... something.  I forget which.

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