Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Auteur Watch - Reggie Rock Bythewood

Nope, software's still not working.  Unknown host exception, my ass!  I gotta do everything myself.  Well, even computers have trouble playing chess sometimes.  And Yahoo! Maps doesn't see every shortcut yet, right?  Plenty of blabbermouths out there willing to give them up, of course.
Anyway, one of my favourite Reggie Rock Bythewood titles has to be Gun Hill, of course.  Sure, it's a deadly serious drama, and the name comes from the saddest neighborhood in the world, but at the time the title just leapt out at me!  Gun Hill!  The possibilities!  But don't feel too sorry for this guy.  After all, he's practically a protegé of Spike Lee!  Reggie penned Get on the Bus, after all.  That's practically in Spielberg's backyard!  Also my software tells me that he has a connection to Billy Dee Williams... but I gotta sift through the data to see how... okay, they were on Another World, but in totally different decades.  Another time, if you will.  Still, that's more than I have in common with either of those gentlemen!
The point being, sure, Reggie seems to be languishing in the B- or C-List, but hopefully he's happy.  Still, he's not doing enough to make it feel like the A-List.  That's his job.  My job is to boo from the sidelines.  My mom's house is nice, just not basement nice... oh wait!  He's Gina's husband!  Oh well, there you go!  Stick with her, she's going places.  She's A-List!

...okay, here's what my software came up with this time.  So, Reggie was an actor in The Beat (1988), which also starred...
Clay Boss (assailant), who did stunts in The Blues Brothers 1 (1980), which also starred...........................
Steven Spielberg!  As Cook County Assessor's Office Clerk!! ...they might not have been in the same scene together, but still!  Six degrees of separation!

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