Friday, October 31, 2014

Jake Brakes

It's the Week of the Gyllenhaal again as his latest, Nightcrawler, debuts at #1.  Seems like only yesterday that he was in End of Watch, another David Ayer one-take project that debuted at #1... but kind of disappeared after that.  This is totally different.  Of course, next weekend is the weekend of some rather serious heavyweights... the only two I can think of right now is Interstellar and Dumb and Dumber To.  Lord help you if you see both in the same day!
But you gotta hand it to Jake, as Nightcrawler is the only new film this week.  It made everything else shift down a notch.  And the latest from Nicholas Sparks is out of the top 10!  I thought it would be gone in three weeks!  Not good.  Nothing else of note, I'm afraid, but I just hope that David Fincher (Gone Girl) and Brad Pitt (Fury) stop fighting like this.  Benjamin Button 2, guys?

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