Thursday, January 11, 2007

Auteur Watch: Peter Jackson

Boy, I must've been in a snow-induced funk or something, but every once in a while there's a little bit of news that's like a jolt of double-espresso right into the pituitary gland. No sooner was I reading about the Diaz - Timberlake split caused by a Johansson wedge when I caught a whiff of another tiff in the news! Between Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema chief Bob Shaye no less. And it's not because, during a recent private screening of the special director's cut of Book of Love, Peter was overheard saying it was the worst piece of liquid crap he ever seen. Nor was it because Peter was quoted as saying The Last Mimzy puts the 'puke' in his hometown of Pukerua Bay, North Island, New Zealand. No, apparently it's just over money, all that green, green Lord of the Rings money. Not idly do the Benjamins of Lorien fall, my friends! I haven't seen these kinds of fiduciary troubles since James Cameron got completely screwed out of his Titanic profits. But the Rings money, there's a lot more competition over that. All I want to know is, is Zaentz getting his fair share?

Really, though, the article was quite something. These two should either go on The People's Court or one of its ten gazillion knock-offs to settle their differences. Or maybe Jerry Springer, if he can take time from his weekend show on Air America. As much as I hate to pick sides, I think Jackson came off sounding a little better. Shaye seemed a little too blustery, as management should, of course. And I thought Mr. Jackson was going to settle peacefully back into obscurity with The Lovely Bones. (working title: Heavenly Creatures 2) The tiff also had something to do with planned Rings prequels, or The Hobbit. If I were Jackson, personally, I'd be kinda tired of the whole Rings thing anyway. Rings prequels, the Hobbit, that sounds more like a job for the likes of a James McTeigue, or a Justin Lin. Hell, maybe even Michael Cimino could come out of retirement to do it, and co-direct with William Friedkin. Anyway, the point being, I hope these two crazy kids can set aside their differences and join forces to combat the real enemy... Wes Craven. That bastard needs to be taken down a couple dozen notches.


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