Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

Which brings us to the weekly Box Office Report. Not much new to report yet. We've still got Ghost Rider and Hannibal 4 coming up. Meantime, Epic Movie rocked and awed the top spot this week, as partially expected. It's clearly vindication for Date Movie, as well as Spy Hard. Every other genre they haven't yet tackled, watch your ass!

Smokin' Aces at #2, followed closely by Night at the Museum and Stomp the Yard. But at #5 this week, it's the debut of Catch and Release, and it's the real breakthrough of triple threat Susannah Grant. Great name, too. This is finally her chance to tell the greatest story ever told: her autobiography! With Jennifer Garner as her, although I personally would've gone with Hilary Swank myself. Or maybe Jessica Simpson. I'm still waiting for the movie that pits Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino together in the same scene as dueling movie nerds.

Padding out the 6 to 10 slots, we have Dreamgirls, Happy-ness, Labyrinth, and the Queen. The Hitcher is just barely clinging to the side of the bowl at #10, but don't worry and fret about it, because the President, producer of the original, is going to declare a national Go See The New Hitcher Day, and he's going to try to make it coincide with some important announcement by Nancy Pelosi.

Apologies to my loyal fan base in advance, yes it's not my usual thorough breakdown I save til Friday, but I was planning on starting my vacation early this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

p.s. The director of the original Hitcher also did this Jesse Stone thing, uniting the original cast of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tom Selleck as Indy and Sean Young as Marion. Take that, Spiel-y!

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