Friday, January 12, 2007

Focker, pt. 2

Dang, these cold feet of mine. What is it about those giant hunks of flesh around the heels that act as a complete conduit for the cold? Must be the lack of veins and arteries. So many things to acquire; a good pair of slippers, a phone headset so I can walk and talk at the same time, with the potential of tripping and falling on my ass while on the phone. "Oh, nothing, I just fell down there... So anyway" What else? And on top of it all, I have to drive all the way to Ephrata to see Pan's Labyrinth. Better just buy the Code 3 DVD downtown and forget about it. C'mon, Guillermo, make Ron Perlman the oldest young man in action movies today yet again!

Must... stop... non-sequiturs. Nobody likes 'em. We got a box office to report on. We left off at #5 which is Dreamgirls, and then! Then we get to the fresh meat, heh heh... #4 brings us Freedom Writers, which looks like kinduva group Antwone Fisher kinda thing. Guess it's not in the same vein as Freedom Fries, as one might think if you're living in a state colored Red. Well, throw it into the same stream as Blackboard Jungle, Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, maybe Singleton University for good measure. This box office cycle's sorta Turning LaGravenese, I really think so...

Then at #3 it's the other debut this week, the latest rehash of the 12 Monkeys genre, and it's called Children of Men. There's already talk of a sequel, but they're not sure whether to set it in the past and call it Parents of Children, or set it in the future and call it Son of Children of Men, or set it even farther into the future and call it Alimony. In any case, I'm sure Julianne Moore's just down on her knees and thanking her lucky stars it's not pulling a Freedomland at the box office.

And of course, Happyness at 2 and Museum at 1. Yawn. I really need some sleep. I've almost defeated my cold and regained my voice so I don't sound like Super Dave all the time! There's gotta be a big showbiz secret there... how does he sound hoarse all the time? No clues. I like how on his old appearances on Carson, Johnny would always say "Now, I think you have an obligation to show this clip! You've given us these expectations of a clip and I think you need to follow through!" ...okay, that's all I got for now. Ta ta!

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