Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ever have one of ... THESE kinds of days?

Me neither. But it's fun to pretend, and isn't that what movies are all about? And finding new metaphors for the Iraq war?

Man, am I falling behind in the news! Apparently, Don Imus is in hot water over some bad comments he made about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Guess he forgot he wasn't in a sports bar, but that happens to people his age. Maybe it's time for him to call it quits. On the other hand, maybe Bill Bennett should call it quits, too. Maybe there should be earning limits on all these fat guys, like if you make enough to have your own radio station in your own home in Florida, it's time to retire. I know it's a Communist position and all, but how much does Oxycontin really cost?

On the other side of the spectrum, the Police reunion wasn't just for the Grammies! There' s some worldwide concert thing happening, and Genesis is reuniting as well. I think it's the Phil Collins Genesis, but still, it's the 80s all over again, folks. And it's all because of global warming. See? Global warming's not all bad.

Oh but enough of the real news. We've still got to climb the rest of this Box Office mountain. And we left off at #4, Grindhouse. I'll bet there are a lot of Hollywood types that are happy this didn't make #1. Oh well, at 11.6 million, that's about half the advertising budget. A promising start. And as long as they leave it in theaters for the rest of the year it just may turn a profit! heh heh heh...
At #3 it's Are We Done Yet? I made an observation about the earlier film, I Think I Love My Wife, but seeing as how Don Imus is in the hot seat right now I think that's best left alone. I'm not the world's biggest Ice Cube fan, personally, but I did kinda like Triple-X part 2. And hey, if this one doesn't hurt his Street Cred, it's okay by me.
At #2 it's Meet the Robinsons. Nothing to report yet on this one, none of my co-workers have seen it yet. But maybe I'll head to the IMAX theatre to see it... nah. If I didn't do it for Harry Potter, why should I do it for this?
And finally, at #1, it's ol' Will Ferrell again with Blades of Glory. I'm just not ready for an 80s flashback yet. I mean, how good can an era be if Austin Powers hasn't visited it yet? Incidentally, when is Austin Powers 4 coming out? Guess Demi Moore still needs time to get into shape for it. She's supposed to play the love interest, you know. Still, good for Mustafa. I mean, Will Ferrell. Now, for Will's next cinematic feat I think he should try to have two big movies come out at once, like having a Ricky Bobby sequel open against an Anchorman sequel. Why not? How hard would it be to put something like that together? Just take about 3 years off to do it, so it'll be like when Sgt. Pepper came out after the Beates' long hiatus. It'll generate interest by getting everyone to say "Where's Will Ferrell? He's finally lost it, hasn't he?" And then, cha-pow! You're back, baby. And who knows? If you make one of the movies an Oscar movie, it could be your big Oscar Gold year. Eat THAT, Righteous Brothers!
Just throwing it out there. And so we wrap up another box office report. Now if I could just put all that energy into my taxes, I might get them done in time. Right, IRS?

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