Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh, Spalding!

Getting back into Spalding Gray. Ah, what a rush of neurons, again. He left us too soon. Soderbergh's right, Gray is the ultimate raconteur of the one man show setting. Like Henry Miller before him, there's no secret too dark for him to lay bare for all of us to see, and in such an entertaining way too. He's like Woody Allen but with a different set of literary references. But while we await Soderbergh's upcoming documentary about the man ... hmm! They just eliminated it. And it was there a second ago, I swear. Oh well, Clooney and Soda-pants are way too busy for their own good, anyway. Besides, 62 Skidoo is in the works, don't bogart the Clooney, dude! Anyway, I made the mistake of scrolling down in Spalding's IMDb entry to the 70s. For shame, Mr. Spalding! The Horny Vampire? Starring as Dr. Cock-luv in Nazi Sex Experiments? Fortunately for us, and probably me as well, I can't find half this stuff. I did however stumble across the one scene of humor in Maraschino Cherry for which Spald delivers the punchline. That's all of that movie I need to see. Irregardless, I think Spalding Gray's reputation is safe. Carry on without us, sir. But better watch out, Ron Jeremy's catching up to you!

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