Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Summer of LaBeouf

Girlfriend, you know it's true! Between Disturbia and the Transformers movie, I mean at least one of 'em has to be a hit!

Anyway, I'm up too late again, so we'll keep this short. It's been a while since I broke up the box office Rapport into two so let's do that this time! As expected, the movie with the biggest ad campaign reigns triumphant, but Grindhouse is next week. This week it's the latest Will Ferrell juggernaut, Blades of Glory, but we'll get to that later. Don't feel ashamed, McKay. You're still special, although Ferrell will now need a bigger cut of Step Brothers, that's a given.

But let's start with #10 this go round, and it's The Last Mimzy, the latest directorial effort from New Line Cinema bigwig Robert Shaye. Welp, looks like you're going to have to wait another 17 years to pretend you're a director again, you cicada.

Moving quickly on to #9 it's Reign Over Me.

Moving even more quickly on to #8 it's The Hills have Eyes 2. Another horror movie I'll never see, but it's a sign of the times when Jessica Biel doesn't have to appear in crap like this.

Man, what a bunch of dregs! And they just keep on coming with Premonition at #7. No new quips about this one. It's a sign of respect to Bullock that the theater owners let it play this long. Usually they do that in the summertime!

Speaking of which, it's Shooter at #6. Wow! A cameo in Die Hard 3? Another reason to hate that movie. I gotta check that out.

Five Alive brings us Wild Hogs, the little movie that could. Yessir, this little movie will be a touchstone for many careers for years to come. Some just starting in the biz, and some a coupla old hands at this li'l game called Entertaining America. We just might see Big Momma's House 3 yet! If only on pay per view.

Well, that's a good point to break off on I think, as we'll focus on only those proud Box Office winners in the next segment. TTFN

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