Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Short reviews: April 2007

The Work and the Glory: American Zion - I'm sorry. "Roots" for Mormons? Can't get into it. Besides, there's nothing about Magic Underpants here. On the other hand, there's some dynamic filmmaking here. There's this one dude who doesn't get to marry his childhood sweetheart, so he catches this other plain chick on the rebound. And even the fugliest reader of Maxim Magazine will tell you that to go from Alyssa Milano to Cynthia Nixon is ... something bad, I don't know what. Probably gay. Probably a buzz-kill.

Dead Silence - from the writers and directors of Saw - makes Kevin Williamson look like a Renaissance Man. Really, isn't it piggybacking on the puppeteer background story of Being John Malkovich?

The hills have eyes 2 - Ah, it's gone already. Never mind.

Meet the Robinsons - Nice try, but it's still not Pixar.

TMNT (new Pixar-esque Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...) - looks like it needs another pass through Renderman... Just a thought.

Half-Way Home on Comedy Central - It's a comedy show, right?

Blades of Glory - How many movies can Will Ferrell crank out? Watch your ass, Adam McKay!

Reign over Me - Puh-leeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!

The 1/2 Hour News Hour - Apparently, it's supposed to be a comedy show, but the anchors on the show act more like news people than the actual Fox News anchors.

Are we done yet?
Perfect Stranger - sequel to The Rich Man's Wife?

Disturbia - WTF?

Color Me Kubrick - For a second there I thought Malkovich was reprising Lenny...

The Namesake - No. Sorry. Can't accept Kal Penn in a serious role. Not Taj. Not Kumar. No. No, I said!

Vacancy - Too bad. For a second I hought it was a sendup of the genre. Maybe it's about time for one.

Grindhouse - I think the constant ad campaign is making me start to turn on the movie. Kurt Russell seems to be channeling Q.T.

The Reaping - The Sunday School-ing of America continues unabated.

Hot Fuzz - Looks fun, although the Shaun of the Dead folks may be slightly repeating themselves...

Are We Done Yet? Yes we are...

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