Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Auteur Watch - Jiří Menzel

Well, I'll give you a little taste of how ignorant I am. Take Jirí Menzel, for example. Now, if you're like I used to be, you might ask yourself, "Who?" Or maybe you're a step up and stumbled accidentally on some buzz about a film called I Served the King of England (ISKE) So you take a look at his resumé and it's almost identical to James Ivory, except for the acting credits. But where's the Ismail Merchant Yang to his Yin? Or his Jhabvala to make a trinity? ...I'll let one of you figure those out on your own. Yep, they're out there! All kinds of people in the global film community toiling away in anonymity until they break through the surface like Woody Allen with Match Point. But where's Jiri's Scarlett Johansson to... ah, skip it. There I go again. ...hmm! Just watched the trailer. Here we go again with Hitler and WWII. Looks like the kind of film Miramax used to make. I hear Rob Schneider just bought the remake rights. Kewl!

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