Saturday, December 06, 2008

Auteur Watch - Michael Hoffman

Oh, who to profile next? Too many to choose from, and I have no requests, so why not Michael Hoffman? He's an old hand at this by now, even though his career's pretty much skated along under the radar. But even so, he falls under the spell of my Decade theory. The 80s may be his favourite, starting off a young whippersnapper, acting alongside the likes of Hugh Grant. There's other directors like him that had to struggle along with the independent, Merchant-Ivory-esque fare in the 80s but they came into their own in the 90s. For me, it was Soapdish that did it. Fun movie. Also, the proving ground where he would collaborate with Robert Downey Jr. for Restoration, and Kevin Kline with a couple others. So surely the 90s is his favorite decade career-wise, if only because Clooney still fondly recalls One Fine Day.
The 2000s, not so much. Oh sure, it's the era when indie film festival buzz has some sashay, but what good is it if no one sees the damn movie, like Game 6? But this decade may not yet be a total wash, for Hoffman's poised! Poised, I say, to make a triumphant return to the box office AND the Oscars with... The Last Samurai. I mean, The Last Station Agent. No, wrong again. I mean, The Last Emperor? Mohican? The Last Boy Scout? The Last Action Hero? The Last of the Red Hot Livers? Red-Hot Dragons? The Last American Virgin? Man, I can't seem to type it out, but I'll get it. The main thing is, it's in good company. As long as that loser from the movie Wanted doesn't act like a total primadonna, thinking he can direct it himself.

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