Sunday, December 07, 2008

Is this the same week?

I mean, seriously? Let's see, Four Christmases STILL at #1. Twilight STILL at #2. Bolt at #3 for THREE weeks in a row! I think they're running that ad. "Go see Bolt! The #3 movie for three weeks in a row." Kewl.

Oop. So much for that theory. Australia castles with Quantum of Solace and they switch. So it's a little different. Maddy 2 STILL at sixth, and Tranny 3 STILL at seventh as they say at Variety. Meanwhile, Role Models slips two places to #10, but it's still the strongest showing for a David Wain movie. He must be the Trey Parker of Stella. That's a good thing, right?

Okay, it's not all the same. Just mostly the same. We got two newbies: Punisher 2, and Dreamgirls 2. Or is it Grace of my Heart 2? Five Heartbeats 2? Soul Men 2? Telling Lies in America 2?? 2 many choices, I say! I gotta go. Biz-ee week 4 me. Speaking of which, I think I finally figured out why the word Numbers is now Numb3rs, and Thir13en Ghosts is misspelled. It's these bloody password requirements! Gotta be at least one number and one punctuation mark. The computer nerds triumph again! In a completely petty, arbitrary way! Hooray!

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