Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Short Reviews - Nov. '08

Slow month. Helluva Thanksgiving dinner, though!
I wonder if those people ever regret releasing their likenesses to this enterprise. Okay, enough stalling, let's dive into it.

The Tale of Despereaux - Might be good! Wonder what the kids think? It's for them, really. Me, that mouse kinda creeps me out. I mean, I got past the ears, but then we get into the nostrils and the human-like eyes. So unreal. Don't mice have red beady eyes? I'm a-feared that Despereaux may be a human-animal hybrid.

Arthur et les Minimoys sequels... one, two, oh, they're comin', folks! Avec une vengeance, ah? Who does he think he is, Harry Potter?

Lethal Weapon 5 - This is a joke, right?

Ghostbusters 3 - A remake of the first Ghostbusters. This is a joke, right?

X Files #The Field where I cried... I mean, Died - No, I was the one doin' the cryin'... Oh, I get it. It's like that episode of MASH where Alan Alda does all that crying. Any way we can give this episode a belated Emmy AND Oscar? As for Kristen Cloke, you think something like her performance would've sent her into the stratosphere. At least Glen & James remember'dja!

Everybody Wins - A lot like The Field Where I Cried, as near as I can tell...

Drop Dead Fred - Still goin'!

Freddy's Dead - Not dead enough.

Fred Claus - No sequel yet?

The Jerk - Classic

The Jerk Theory - Classic theory.

Platoon - Classic

Platoon Leader - Classic title, anyway.

Behind Enemy Lines - One film that the National Film Preservation Foundation is gonna let go...

"Twenty Good Years" - 13 bad episodes...

The Getaway (1972) - Kinda slow. Oh, I just can't believe Peckinpah directed that. He sold out, man!

Tropic Thunder - We couldn't finish it somehow. Don't know why. The fake commercials were good and all. Guess that was the best part.

Bad Medicine - Wow! Only one GERMAN review? Get on that, Onion A.V. Club! It can't be all scheisse!

Lower Learning - Dream coming true, Corddry?

Mikey - Far as I know, it's the only movie featuring the rugged Black Angus Restaurant guy. ...Man! Can't find everything on the web!...

Benjy Button - Where's the ad campaign, guys? Or did you already blow all your money like Howard Dean?

Well, guess I better get to bed. The cat's sneezing in front of my door.

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