Sunday, December 14, 2008

Auteur Watch - John Patrick Shanley

Now, who's that handsome lookin' bastid? Is it Bill Pullman? Ed Begley's more handsome, less eco-conscious brother? Perhaps it's Kevin Kline getting ready to portray another President or British journalist? Well, you'd be dead wrong, my friend! Because it's JPS: John Patrick Shanley, Master of the Carpe Diem Arts, and like Bob Shaye he's rising once every seventeen years to direct a movie! This time it's Doubt, based on HIS play which he got the Pulitzer for! Eat that, Mamet! And yet, how does it get fast-tracked and Art languishes on the stage? Where's the justice? Personally, I would've done another movie before I went right to the big Pulitzer-prize winning play. You could learn a thing or two from Tyler, Johnny! Gotta make 'em wait a little bit. Gotta parcel that sh... stuff out. And I gotta go!

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