Thursday, April 15, 2010

Auteur Watch - Claire Denis

Oh my, I've never fallen behind this far before... or at least in a while since I increased my blogging vigilance. Shame on me. Dereliction of duty. Okay, let's get back to it, and I ... Oof! Wowee wow wow! Who is that? Is that Isabella Rosselini sporting a new do? Or perhaps her more attractive cousin? Nah, it's just our next girl auteur, Claire Danes... I'm sorry, I got that wrong. I mean, Claire Denis. Sorry 'bout the mixup, Herskovitz. But at least I'm not making the same old mistakes, right?
Where was I? Oh yeah. Well, when you get right down to it, seeing as how pressed for time I am lately, I don't think I'll be able to give Ms. Denis the adequate auteur worship she deserves, and sure, she doesn't seem as flamboyant as a Catherine Breillat or an Ida Lupino, but she's good enough to work with the likes of Bertolucci. Even if it is on a crap project. And in another snap judgment, I'm going to say the 2000s are her favourite decade. Finally, the high profile gigs she's been working towards her whole life. Her latest and greatest is something called White Material. But Isaach de Bankole's in it, so it's not all bad. Who else in the cast? Isabelle Huppert, she's a name, and... Christopher Lambert? Highlander? You're kidding, right? He's not even French! He's a New Yorker! Why, he's worked with the likes of... well, Albert Pyun, for God's sake! (Let's see if Albert responds... ;) )

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