Thursday, April 15, 2010


Welp, looks like Sam Worthington's asking price just went up. Yes, it's another knuckle dragger at the ol' box office this week. Titans clashed with Date Night, and in a stunning reversal, reclaimed the #1 spot from its new rival. Even Tina Fey with all her clout couldn't demand a recount, but don't worry. That won't stop Mean Girls 2 from hitting the 3D multiplexes. Lindsay Lohan just might not be in it, though. The only other debut this week is Letters to God. Oh, you can smell the country on this one, and the lack of Screen Actors Guild talent. I'm surprised this managed to stay on the top 10. Well, we'll see it again at the end of the year, I'm sure. Actually, I kinda hope not. May it survive another week at the box office so I can ignore it! Haven't had any one week wonders in a while. The last one was in January, for God's sake! I'll spare Indiana Jones the embarrassment of naming it... because, damn it, I'm a scientist too!

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