Friday, April 09, 2010

Same diff...

Well, Colbert already discussed it better than I ever could, but the Clash of the Titans reboot was #1 this weekend. Did they create a new god called Pal, the god of traditional animation? Well, they shoulda. Or perhaps a god called Spota, the god of recurring characters in Peter Hyams movies. The main thing is, 3D is boffo, baby! And it's a little bit of a deterrent to all the camcorder pirates out there. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry is no longer the king of #1. Oh well. He had a good run. Somehow I find it hard to believe he had a hard time getting into the Oscars, but oh well. That's what you get for not going with Oprah. Meanwhile, Hot Tub Time Machine slips to #6. If their website's not, they're missing a bet. MGM can screw up anything. But let me say this: if Craig Robinson's not the new Anthony Anderson by now, he never will be. And we do need a new one: Anthony takes himself too seriously as an actor now. Oh, will Scary Movie 5 never come?
Anyway, the third debut this week is The Last Song. Another damn Nicholas Sparks movie. They're arriving faster than, well, Tyler Perry's movies, for example! The marketplace is saturated! Too much Cyrus for one nation to take!

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