Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Auteur Watch - Sally Field

As the IMDb mini-bio will surely tell you, Sally Field is a star. That's why it might be hard to take her seriously in something like Where the Heart is or Say It Isn't So, because even though she is a gifted actress, it's still like Tim Robbins in the War of the Worlds remake; I mean, you can't help but go, "Hey! It's Tim Robbins! Re-enacting his Mystic River personna, no doubt. Well, this is what he gets for turning down Jurassic Park, huh?"
Anyway, yes there was little doubt ever since the Flying Nun that Sally Field was destined for greatness, whether it be in Stay Hungry or opposite Burt Reynolds in all the movies they did together... just the two, right? What, she couldn't come back for Smokey and the Bandit 3?
But what with all her charity work and the Boniva commercials and ... oh, Sally. You can't be the sexpot and wear dresses like that! You just can't! Anyway, even with all she does, it nevertheless occurred to her at some point, looking at all those dufuses she worked with who get to sit in the crane chair and go up tens of feet to do a dolly shot... at least, that's how things used to be done before all this CGI digital crap... she thought to herself "Well, if THOSE idiots can boss all these poor shmucks around... hell! I could do that!" But she's only done it the three times: one episode of From the Earth to the Moon! Not bad at all. Boy, Gump must be the best boss in the world. And something called Beautiful... Damn! They stole my idea.

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