Monday, April 26, 2010

The Colbert Bump strikes again!

This Dragon movie's beginning to get on my nerves! Who are those guys? ¶ Anyway, the debuts this week are J. Lo's latest. She's finally recovered from the double whammy of Gigli and Jersey Girl, and she's back and better than ever. Is she back with P. Diddy yet? Anyway, The Losers debuts at #4... no wiseacres, you! Kick-Ass slips to #5, incidentally, but who knows? Maybe it'll rebound. Do it for Nic, will ya? He's having tax troubles lately. And of course, the latest left-wing tripe proves once again that the free market won't be fooled. But the Oscar voting bloc might next year! Even though technically it's a 2009 release. Maybe Michael Moore will finish up Fahrenheit 9/11 part 2, if he's still working on that. Must... buy... 4-pack... Reese's ... peanut butter cups ... tie-in with Iron Man Too...

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