Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Auteur Watch - Valerie Faris

...is she thrilled? Oh, I think so. They BOTH are, for that matter! ...whoever the other guy is. And she should be! Most video directors are doomed to obscurity. No one cares who directed the videos for Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA (John Sayles, apparently) or Michael Jackson's Beat It (...William Friedkin? Matthew Meshekoff?) But with something like Paula Abdul's Paula Abdul: Straight Up? With Larry Sanders Show DP Peter Smokler on camera? Did they have him on rollerblades and a dude pulling him along? That's a good technique, incidentally. I do that on weekends, even if I don't have a camera on hand. Anyway, all this music video work prepped them for their film debut, of course, as it seems to have done for oh so many top directors these days. And, of course, with a film like Little Miss Sunshine, well, can't argue with the results! I'm going to say she pines for the 90s: the burgeoning ecology movement, the gay lesbian cultural hotness, the soon-to-be-crushed independence of film. Now it's all storyboarded and RenderMan'd and pre-visualization-ized to death. No more fun. Then there's the IMAX 3D nerds to appease, and the Texas Education Board and... no, wait, they just do America's textbooks. That's different. But she's got stuff on her plate anyway! That'll show 'em. Something called... Used Guys!? Hel-lo! Don't we already have Used People for that?

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