Thursday, April 15, 2010

Auteur Watch - Nora Ephron

Who's the next gal we got? Why, she looks like Mary McDonnell! But it's not her. And Mary's not a director, alas, but she's worked with the best. No, it's one of those lovely ladies giving voice to all those upper-middle class / lower-upper class white people who blend in too well and have no one in government or the private sector to properly project their angst, and it's Nora Ephron, who once quipped that her beloved New York City is like a Third World country. Not that Rudy Giuliani necessarily had anything to do with that.
I dunno. I always thought Delia would be the alpha sister of their duo. Loved her How to Eat like a Child. A childhood favourite. You know, if I had to guess, and so far there are only two to pick from, I'd have to say the 90s are her favorite decade. The megahit that was Sleepless in Seattle, the total creative control that was Mixed Nuts... or maybe not.
Or maybe it was the 2000s? Working again with Travolta, but unfortunately stepping in a big pile of Resnick, producing Hanging Up. Seriously, though, I did like Julie and Julia. I promise I'll get around to reviewing it one of these days. Over and out.

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