Saturday, September 15, 2012

Auteur Watch - Antonia Bird

You go, girl!  I hate to cut to the chase with my Decade Theory, but clearly being involved with Miramax in the 90s is the highlight of any director's career.  If you remember doing a film for Miramax in the 90s, then you weren't really there!  Especially the controversial Priest.  Not as controversial as The Pope Must Die(t), but still up there.  Go figure.  What is it with Catholics and controversy lately?  After all they've done to protect the rest of us from all the wrong religious fanatics.
Yes, Antonia Bird hacked her way through British TV in the 80s to get to feature films in the 90s.  After Priest, it was time to conquer the American market with 1995's Mad Love starring pre-Batman Forever Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell.  After that came and went, Bird's agent decided that her titles were too wordy, so it was back to the one word titles, and so came 1997's Face and 1999's Ravenous. 
As for most of us, the 2000s were about plunging ourselves back into our work as we tried to ignore the Supreme Court-appointed President of the majority of that decade, and Bird sank into a return-to-TV-directing depression for most of that time.  With titles like Care and Rehab, is this not a cry for help?  But the 2010s are looking up with what seems to be another stab at the silver screen proper called Cross My Mind.  Sounds like a story fraught with the promise of tasteful sex scenes.  Let's hope that the digital video isn't too streaky during the more crucial scenes.  A toast to Antonia Bird!

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