Saturday, September 15, 2012

Underworld vs. Resident Evil: Which Kicks More Ass?

I tell you darling, looking at the Variety Top 100 is too depressing.  So many obscure titles, interspersed with the non-obscure ones, such as The Hunger Games in 50th place with $400 million in the bank.  Better to narrow our focus to just ten.  Speaking of which, the struggle of dominance between the Underworld franchise and the Resident Evil franchise continues unabated.  So far, Resident Evil's winning 5-4, if you don't count 2011's Underworld: Endless War which you shouldn't.  I mean, Laura Harris seems like a nice girl, but she's hardly a replacement for the Selena we all know and love.  On the other hand, Underworld's not based on a video game.  It just seems an awful lot like one.  I think that should count for something.  One thing's for sure: both franchises should enjoy this time while it lasts, as they will both soon be battling middle age and graying hair.  Or is it just me?  Thought so.
The only other new film this week is the latest re-release of Finding Nemo.  What does that say about our cinematic tastes?  Have we learned NOTHING in the past ten years?  What we seem to have learned is that today's cinema isn't as good as last decade's fare.  This, despite the fact that they hadn't perfected chrome reflection effects by the time Pixar finished Finding Nemo.  The slow creep towards replacing flesh and blood actors continues unabated, but we're only human and we yearn for the familiar clunkiness of the recent past.

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