Monday, September 03, 2012

Short Reviews - August 2012

The Lord of the Rings trilogy - YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle for Britain - JACKAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble With the Curve - First the empty chair, now this!

Dredd 3D - As long as Stallone's not in it...

Atlantis 7 - But what about Atlantis 1 thru 6?!!  Silly question, I know.

The Master - Philip Seymour Hoffman returns to the Paul Thomas Anderson fold

Psycho Beach Party - Amy Adams was in THAT?!!

Oogieloves - A flop?  But they've got Nicki Minaj on the soundtrack!  How is this possible?

Fools Rush In - I saw the trailer for it!  Does that count?  And a clip on The Tonight Show or some damn thing...

Where Angels Fear to Tread - Never saw it

Seven Psychopaths - a leaping?  I guess they couldn't make this movie without Woody Harrelson.  I'll grant you that.

Lawless - Seriously though, when's this Model T Ford going to turn into a robot?

Compliance - Have you ever seen a Dreama Walker?  Well, I have!

Qwerty - I don't get the reference... what, they finally made a movie about that pig bird freak thing that jumps up and down on colored cubes?

Hard to Kill - Hard to watch

RoboCop (2013) - I have HAD IT with these m-f-'in remakes!!!

A Clockwork Orange - Real horrorshow!

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