Monday, September 03, 2012

Auteur Watch - John Sayles

What's the hardest working man in the auteur business up to these days?  Still hard at work!!  Like most sexagenarians these days, they just can't afford to retire.  Something about the go-go 80s, I guess.  It's their crews that stay young forever!  After biting the big one for taking points instead of up-front money for The Spiderwick Chronicles, he swam away from the exploding ship much like Indy in the third one while clenching the Cross of Coronado in his teeth, and is now completing his Spanish trilogy... I'm assuming.  His 2013 project is called Go For Sisters.  God bless Hollywood.  They know the truth about all this Mayan 2012 hype.  Somehow Sayles managed to steal Hector Elizondo away from Garry Marshall to star in somebody else's movie for a change!  Good work, John.  Meanwhile, I gotta transcribe some of Sayles talking about where the Republicans want to take this country.  It's on the DVD of Silver City... I know, I know.  Well, a DVD is this CD-sized plastic disc we used to have in the old days... it's like a record, but tinier.  I'm so old.  The point is, everyone knows the New York people are cooler than the L.A. people.  There's no fighting that.

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