Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trouble with the Chair....

Am I the only one who remembers?  It may have been a mere two weeks ago or so... but the box office chugs on.  And despite advertising the holy begeezus out of it, Clint Eastwood's movie only comes in third!  Wow.  I hope they got the Koch brothers to put up the money for the TV ads or something.  No, people want that gritty crime drama stuff instead, and Jake Gyllenhaal's just the guy to give it to them.  His End of Watch comes in #1 by a sizeable margin now.  On Sunday the #1 and #2 movies were neck and neck at $13 million apiece.  Worth the wait for the more specific numbers.  Of course, for those of us who've seen one too many David Ayer movies, it might not seem all that fresh and new.  Just saying.
Meanwhile, being Jennifer Lawrence is a really good idea right now.  Hunger Games, X-Men... but this is where it all pays off: starring in your very own B-movie in between the giant A-list projects.  I'd try to just let Elisabeth Shue talk your ear off, though, J. Law.  She could be your grandmother, for God's sake!  She was big in the 80s, and that was a long, long time ago.  Trust your own instincts, girly girl.
And of course, there's Dredd 3D and Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master.  Man!  Five debuts this week!  I hope I never see more than that in a given week!

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