Sunday, September 30, 2012

Short Reviews - September 2012

Oh, the Variety Top 100's too depressing.  Meanwhile, in Facebook world, no one can bear to tell Lark Voorhies that she's "like"-ing too many things.  Eyewash stations, for God's sake!!

The Master - There will be ego

Robocop 3 - Why have Robocop at all?  It takes, what, about 20 minutes before he appears?

Best of the Best 3 - Besides the white supremacist group, what exactly makes this an entry in the Best of the Best series?

Hotel Transylvania 3D - You can't fool the people all the time, Sandler!  But at least the animation looks better than Eight Crazy Nights.

Hope Springs

Hope Floats

Chrystal - We didn't make it past that first sex scene.  Biblical relations is apparently a group sport in that part of the world...

Branded - iPhone Bar Code: The Motion Picture

Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts - Good green screen effects for the period

They're Out of the Business - Stupid filmmakers.  They take a perfectly good porno and surround it with ninety plus minutes of yap yap yap!  What were they thinking?

To the Arctic 3D - To the video shelf!

Born to be Wild 3D - Boy!  Warner Bros. is biting the big one on lots of these!

Here Comes the Boom - Say goodbye to flesh and blood

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