Sunday, September 30, 2012

Genndy Tossed-Off-sky

In retrospect, I should've gone with "Barnz Burner" but we'll get to that soon enough.  Yes, after his last couple projects... I never thought I'd say this, but Adam Sandler needed a hit!  There was his producing of a movie whose name I dare not even speak (but I will provide the link to), there was I Hate You, Dad... I mean, That's My Boy which sank like a stone..  of course, I overestimate the precariousness of his situation.  Columbia owns Sandler lock, stock and barrel and they're still quite happy over the long term, but the short term's been a little bit of a headache lately.  Which is why the Number One-ing of Hotel Transylvania is all the sweeter, and it just shows to go you that the American moviegoing population will still buy the same old Sandler cast in their new Pixar outfits.  They're all here: Buscemi, Jacqueline Titone, David Spade, Jon Lovitz, Kevin James... all the O'Doyles and horny old grandmothers you can handle in a Pixar-like PG setting.
The other debuts this week include Looper, the hot new time travel sci-fi adventure that's got the critics buzzing, there's David Eng's 2005 movie Perfect Pitch... I mean, Susana Matos' 2012 short film Perfect Pitch... I mean, Nick Hornby's novel Fever Pitch... I mean, Daniel John Harris' 2011 short film Pitcher Perfect... okay, I think I finally got the right one.  The 2002 documentary about the gauntlet that TV shows have to run, The Perfect Pitch.  I mean, if Judd Apatow can't call some of the shots at this point, what hope is there for the rest of us?  Am I right?   Oh, and something called Savršeni korak made its debut as well.  Anna Kendrick's finally the star of something!
And just in time to poke fun at Obama's choice of music, it's Daniel Barnz's anti-union screed Won't Back Down.  That's right, that Daniel Barnz.  Oh, he's big!  Olsen-twins big!  Then again, you don't often hear Spielberg complain about greedy, greedy unions.

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