Saturday, September 08, 2012

Auteur Watch - Michael Mann

Why not that guy, then?  The man Russell Crowe described as a "force of nature," and I probably don't need to tell you that that's high praise.  I hate to think what that makes Ridley Scott, on the other hand.  If I had to guess, however, I'm sure Mann's favorite decade must've been the 80s, like most of us.  People weren't afraid to try new things during that time, like The Keep.  Sounds like a bit of a Raiders of the Lost Ark sequel, except the Ark's in a castle... something like that.  And a guy could make a whole movie soundtrack with just one Roland synthesizer.  In the 50s, all you needed was a flute and some bongos.  Of course, the 90s saw Mann's growth into a full blown auteur with Last of the Mohicans, Heat and The Insider.  The 2000s weren't as groundbreaking, but Mann did try to cut costs with HD videotape instead of film with decidedly mixed results.  There's not as much blurring these days, but it's still a prevalent menace. 
The 2010s must be a pain in the ass with the shutting down of production on Luck, an HBO series.  At one point he had multiple irons in the fire on his IMDb page, but they've all been cleared away for clarity's sake.  Maybe the IMDb professional site has more, but I'm too cheap to find out.  Besides, it's close to retiring time, and time to usher in the next generation of Manns.  First up: Ami Canaan Mann, an aspiring director in her own right.  And she's not going to screw the pooch like David Lynch's daughter did!  No way, no how!

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