Sunday, September 02, 2012

Not feeling the Oogielove

Every once in a while, the real story behind this week's Top 10 at the box office isn't revealed within the top 10 itself.  For that, you have to go to to get their Top 100, or however many they cover.  For example, the new Oogieloves movie that's supposedly this huge bomb came in at #35!  Could be much worse!  Could be You've Been Trumped, coming in at #100.  Ain't it always the way?  I mean, You've Been Trumped sounds like the kind of film that kids SHOULD be watching.  A little glimpse of truth about Donald Trump, not flanked by agreeable sycophants for a change.
Anyway, we've got two debuts this week: one of these non-scary new age horror films called The Possession, and a film about Obama's America called Lawless.  Or rather, what the Right Wing wish Obama's America was like.  Why does he have to enforce so many laws?  If anything, he should enforce a little less for a change!

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