Friday, February 07, 2014

A Plumbing Popeye Will Go!

Our next Popeye cartoon is called Plumbing is a 'Pipe'.  Somehow, I think Wikipedia's got the inside scoop on the play on words that that title represents.  To cut rather quickly to the chase, seeing as how Bluto's out of the picture for new voice casting, we must rely on forces of nature to fill the rather large void that Bluto left behind.  This time, something's going wrong with Olive's pipes... that's the first time Groucho's used that joke in twenty years!  Anyway, Olive calls Wimpy the Plumber to check it out.  He becomes the film's recurring joke, which I just hate to spoil.  Meanwhile, Popeye tries to fix the problem himself.  He does about as well as the Stooges do, possibly better.  Alas, Olive's paid for deluxe water service in the midst of the Great Depression, and deluxe water she gets flowing through her house in no time.  At some point, about a minute and some change before the film ends, Popeye's had enough of a beating from the water.  Time for some spinach!  Popeye kicks the water's ass, and manages to fix the pipes.  Olive is grateful and Popeye starts to sing the ending theme... until Wimpy interrupts!  I think that's a first.  Wimpy gets hit with a stream of water in his hamburger-consuming face, and Popeye finishes the song while getting inundated anew with streams of water.  I guess water's more powerful than spinach!  Spinach is apparently still no substitute for engineering school, as pretty much everything Popeye builds gets ruined... except for the bridge in Bridge Ahoy!  Federal money was involved in that.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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