Thursday, February 20, 2014

Next Popeye - Bulldozing the Bull

Ah, the bullfighting ring.  Is there any more reliable scenario for the animated cartoon?  Now it's Popeye's turn... again.  Take note, PETA, because Popeye takes a rare stand against cruelty to animals.  It's even more shocking because he's protesting bullfighting!  Probably in the land it was bourne in!  But when he sees Senorita Olive Oyl buying a ticket... well, all bets are off.  Never mind, PETA.
Boy, these plot developments are giving me whiplash!  Popeye finds himself in the toreador's box and, despite his sailor outfit, he's quickly whisked down to the arena proper, where he once again insists he's not going to be cruel to "no aminals."  Oh, I have a feeling he'll change his mind about that once the fighting begins proper.  Sigh; I miss Bluto.
Anyway, Popeye finds himself in peril, and it comes about in a rather strange roundabout sorta way: the bull ends up driving Popeye into the ground with a wooden plank to his back.  The bull keeps hitting the plank and bouncing back, and the plank hits Popeye on the head.  Rinse and repeat.  Just then, the audience starts throwing vegetables.  Senorita Olive decides to intervene, and the bull starts chasing her.  Fortunately for Popeye, someone throws a can of spinach close to him.  There's the matador outfit!
I hate to spoil the ending, but I think PETA will ultimately be satisfied, even if the crowd isn't... the crowd's applauding anyway!  Is this our entry into Bizarro-World as we've never known it?  Only the Fleischers know for sure.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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