Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Shaggy Jeep Story

Yeesh.  I think I used to like this one... maybe I wasn't in the mood for it today.  Of course, when you sit about watching all the Fleischer Popeye cartoons, they're put into a different perspective.  First of all, they have YET ANOTHER different person doing Olive's voice, and not as well, if I may offer my humble opinion without using JMHO... drat.  Second, I must be approaching parenting age because I'm getting more and more squeamish about danger to children, animated or otherwise.  I think this Jeep cartoon is worse because it's a situation that hits a little closer to home.  A child getting in trouble at a zoo or in a factory is a little more fanciful.  A child falling out of an apartment building window... not as fanciful.  Yet Swee'pea's got that very death wish here, and he or she's getting better at avoiding Olive's grasp.
And so, it's time to bring a fresh character to the Popeye celluloid family.  The Jeep is a "magical dorg" that can turn invisible, and answer simple yes/no questions using its bodily expressions.  Swee'Pea escapes his or her crib an unprecedented third time, and has gone missing.  And then... the bolt of lightning strikes.  Maybe the Jeep can help find Swee'pea!  SPOILER ALERT: much like The Sixth Sense, the cartoon gives its clue early in the hunt... have I given too much away?  Probably.  Alas, I retain these things too well and I don't usually have to see them a second time to see how the unrevealed familial relations color everything anew.  Anyway, I'm with Popeye.  The Jeep doesn't deserve that orchid!  The very idea.  It's worse than Wimpy!  Also, there's no 3D background here.  It could've used one, but I guess the filmmakers felt they should save the 3D backgrounds for a better cartoon or something.
...just checked the DVD, and ... whoa!  Why is the intro so warbly?  Good Lourdes!  At least the whole cartoon's not like that!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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