Friday, February 28, 2014

Kool Ice Kold Soda (five films remain)

As though it were preordained somehow, it's time for the next Stooge short called ... Hot Ice?  Seriously?  Kind of a bland title.  They might've been better off with One Won or something.  But the editors of Stooge films are only human, and in the course of Hollywood events, having to mix old footage with new, even they grew tired of incorporating previous footage from just one Stooge short.  How about two this time?  Hence the extra bland title, apparently.  Now, I no longer feel I have the aptitude to do my usual over-exhaustive analysis of these things, so I'll do the opposite and keep it short.  Needles to say, I've developed a bit of an eye for these things, and you can kind of tell where the new footage is.  Here's the most obvious seam.  The two films in question, Crime on their Hands and Hot Scots were made in 1948, and Hot Ice was made in 1955, so about all one has to go on is the length of the bags under the Stooges' eyes.  In the new footage, obviously, the bags are longer and more filled with baggage.  Also, Stooge mainstay Kenneth MacDonald was called in for a couple reshoots so he can explain that, in addition to the Punjab diamond, they'll call the circus to collect ransom money for the gorilla they've kidnapped!  Thanks a lot for spoiling the surprise, Ken!  LOL.
Now, for those of you like me who were expecting the triumphant return of Herbert Evans as the Earl of Glenheather Castle, well... first of all, the dude sadly died in '52.  Anything to get out of doing another Stooge short.  And second, they only use footage from the setup of The Hot Scots with Inspector McCormick.  They cut out his best line, too!  "I say!  Most impressive!"  But they kept the knowing look to his assistant.  Editors can be god damned cruel most times.
And so, the heavy lifting is done by Crime on their Hands.  But it's a toss-up as to which is the better ending.  The gorilla with the British accent in Crime on their Hands?  Priceless.  The ending of Hot Ice where Moe takes over the surgery where Dapper Dan left off?  Goes on a bit too long.  Nevertheless, they picked a fine two to remake.  Good mashup.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan


Dan Daniels said...

"The correct name is... Dan Daniels? Seriously? Anyway, he or she tried to warn me about Hot Ice, but I didn't listen."

I'm a he.

The Movie Hooligan said...

My apologies. I've made the proper revisions to the blog post.