Friday, February 28, 2014

Short Reviews - February 2014

"The Assets" - It just wasn't meant to be, apparently

Long Strange Trip or... - Yeah yeah, it's got a long title.  So what.  Well, with all due respect to the New York International Independent Film Festival, I've only watched the first ten minutes, and it definitely feels long, but not particularly strange.  Extremely self-involved is more like it!  The Grateful Dead will have to be buried anew, as it brings shame to their legacy to have this film named after it.

My Life - Well, what do you expect from a Zucker brothers production?  Frankly, they've let their core audience down by not making it more like Mad magazine.

My Life's in Turnaround - Bet these guys were still getting the semi-favourable reviews now that they got then... nah, probably just the chicks.  Bet they were still getting chicks, and casting aside uggos.  You know, what youth is all about.

The Graduate - I think I've blogged this already, but I'm having trouble finding it, and it was on TCM last night again, so permit me to reiterate.  It takes a special kind of guy to know in a Biblical sense a mother, and  later on her daughter.  I guess the daughter's rebelling or something.  If I even thought about falling in love like that, I'd be thrown in jail so fast.  So fast.

Rumor Has It... - Thank God this came out before the Adele song!

Jackie Brown - We saw the DVD last week or so.  Maybe the Blu-Ray will have a better transfer.  Was this filmed in 16mm or something?  As for the story, well, all this Fox News right-wing talk about "job creators" and the "haves" and "soon-to-haves" must be working on me, because this go-round Ordell Robbi seemed more sympathetic somehow.  I mean, what's a brutha gotta do to get his half mill outta Mexico?  Gawd dayamn!

Gravity - With Robert Forster as George Clooney

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? - Depends on how they define success.  I mean, Marilyn Monroe... that's success.

"Believe" - Now, where have I seen that father before?  ...ah HAH!!!!

Fair and Worm-er - Man!  I keep thinking about this one for some reason!

Pocketful of Miracles - With Glenn Ford as "Dave the Dude"

Bad Words - Boy, those South Park boys must be pissed off.  They've been all about bad words for years.  Now this Johnny-come-lately Jason Bateman comes along with this ONE MOVIE about bad words, and everyone's calling him a genius.  Where's the respect?  Where's peoples' sense of history?

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