Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sexual Perversity at the Box Office

Ah, the 80s keep coming back to me in movie form, and like Larry Sanders' publicist, I can't stop wetting myself!  God bless you, VH1.  I don't know what Lawrence Sanders has to do with VH1, but keep up the good work.  And God bless the IMDb as well, because otherwise I would never have thought to look up what the original author of Endless Love thought of the new reboot.  Apparently, he's not happy.  Must be a dude.  He apparently told us to stick with the paperback.  But what about Father Hood?  Is it doomed to a lifetime of abandonment on that great big video store in the sky?  Probably.
Meanwhile, Kevin Hart's the busiest mofo in cinema right now.  If you can't see him in his concert film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain or in his latest, Grudge Match, or his other latest, Ride Along, you can see him in the About Last Night reboot!  And once this reboot's gone black, there's just no going back.  But that's the dilemma in Hollywood.  If you're a wicked black dude, you're either doing a Tyler Perry production, or you get stuck with David Mamet and John Cusack's best friend... you know, a genuine African American experience.
No, even though it's Valentine's Day, America's love affair with Legos is what's tops at the Box Office.  Labor Day?  Gone.  Vampire Academy?  Gone.  That Awkward Moment?  Going.  It's at that awkward place in the Top 10 where it's probably going to bid us adieu after that.  Let's see if Variety's still tracking the global top 2000, or whatever the hell they track...

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