Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Auteur Watch - Shango Bsang

Obviously, the IMDb is not the best source of info on Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Bsang.  Their sole directing credit is called The Quiet Storm... ooh!  I LOVE that SNL bit!  Tim Meadows plays the angry D.J. who ends up killing all his co-hosts!  ...close enough.  What YouTube doesn't have, Hulu owns, apparently.
Anyway, some of the actors have photos attached, always a good sign.  Time to fire up my special software!!!

...okay, according to my special software, we got

David McGillivray, star of The Quiet Storm

...who was also in a documentary called British Film Forever... BFF!  Love it

...which ALSO FEATURED Spielberg!  Hang with the McGillivray guy if you want to get to Spielberg.  Definitely.  Yeah, definitely.

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