Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Uh-yep, it's the turtles, all right!

...could someone call Mark Zuckerberg for me?  Facebook's down.  Anyway, I forget already who the big one is this weekend, but we've got all kinds of R-rated goodies on the proverbial horizon!  Sin City 2, ... there's others, I'm sure.  Also, before I forget... what the hell happened to Boyhood?  What, has the novelty worn off just that quickly?  It's only the most critically acclaimed film in a very long time, and America responds with "meh"?  What, no one wants to see how Patricia Arquette has changed over time?... okay, maybe that's the reason.
And so, the major ad campaigns rule again, and the latest reincarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has its day in the sun.  However, it's a big forest and three other saplings get their share of the light: an homage to the Steven Spielberg-produced classic Twister called Into the Storm... why did I think Mark Wahlberg was in that?  Then there's the Spielberg and Oprah produced The Hundred-Foot Journey, referring to the distance they had to walk to sign the paperwork, and finally, another sequel with no number called Step Up - All In.  There was an article someplace touting the great benefits of being a below-the-radar movie franchise like the Step Up series.  Personally, the older I get, the more I see movies and music and television as youth-delivery devices.  Maybe more like adolescence delivery devices if you're like me and pining for your ill-spent adolescence.  Well, we can't all be great like that Gatsby fella, can we?  Too many chiefs, not enough Indians-kinduva deal.

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