Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Godfather of Sideshow Bob

Oh, I just do hate to drive these into the ground, and frankly I wasn't moved by the spirit to do the complete opening scene, which is just lazy, but... ah, the golf course.  Is there any location more cinematic?  I think not.  Bugs Bunny used it... other cartoon characters, I'm sure.  No, it's mostly the domain of live action motion pictures, everything from Caddyshack to Caddyshack II to Tin Cup to that one sequence from Falling Down.  Oh, and of course, Bill Clinton's guilty pleasure, Who's Your Caddy?  Ah HAH!  The IMDb DOESN'T have everything!  And of course, the Stooges, but not Popeye, I don't think.  Not a sailor's kind of sport, apparently.  But surprisingly golf is the sport of animated cats, as we start Tee For Two with Tom whacking away at a golf ball and incidentally making the world's largest divot in the process.  The groundskeepers might as well just make it a new sandtrap and call it a day.
And so, Tom gets out of that hole he dug and hits an immediate hole in one, not counting the five million strokes from just a second ago.  And then... the ball gets kicked back out of the hole.  The golf nightmare has begun.
Before I forget... I should probably give this one four stars, if only for the following reason.  I always meant to find the Tom and Jerry cartoon that contained the following disturbing image... and Tee for Two is it!!!!!!!

Good double bill with: the thematically similar Cue Ball Cat

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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