Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Well, I'm not as eloquent as "Shep" Smith, and he'd be the first to agree, so I'll just try to keep it brief.  Everyone talks about Mrs. Doubtfire and God knows what else as their favourite Robin Williams movies.  No love for Death to Smoochy?  For me, it's probably The Survivors that's one of my top five or ten Robin Williams favorites.  And, of course, the extremely unique Popeye.  Then, of course, he tried like hell to play against type with One Hour Photo and The Final Cut (2004).  I think because the pressure to promote was off on The Final Cut (2004) that in a way it was the more successful performance in that regard.  But, as with Don Rickles in a way, his appearances on talk shows were in some ways better than his movies.  There's a reason he was on the second to last Carson show!  Anyway, I'll leave it for others to speculate the why, and for the police to selectively reveal more and more of the gruesome details of his apparent suicide.  I guess Steve Guttenberg liked Phil Hartman more.  Rest in peace, brother.

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