Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sin City, Here We Come... and Away It Goes!!!!!

Not even eye contact!  My face is just too wide... and my hairline can't be helping either.
Well, that's a shock.  I was just briefly thinking that director James Gunn is set for life now!  Maybe not Joss Whedon set for life, but close enough.  As long as he makes the right career decision.  Shouldn't be too hard, as long as he doesn't go back to work for Troma.  No, it's on to the next quasi-game-changing superhero comic book movie that the cinematic landscape is positively littered with these days... and there you have it!  A Guardians sequel.  We are all Groot, indeed.
Oh, and it's #1 again!  Must've been a slow weekend.  There's only the three debuts: the Sin City sequel debuting at #8... ouch... Then there's the latest PG-rated football feel-good flick.  I hesitate to call it a drama.  Where's the drama?  The team's obviously going to win, right?  And last but not least, it's Hit Girl's latest foray into the leading role, and this one's called If I Stay, based on O.J. Simpson's book... I mean, based on a novel by a gal named Gayle Forman.  It's kind of like It's a Wonderful Life but instead of a guy thinking about jumping off a bridge, it's a girl in a coma who's thinking about jumping off the bridge in her mind.  I think they're hoping to ride the coattails of The Fault in Our Stars.  Why not?  Of course, they should be thinking at this point that they can stick around a bit longer than Fault did.  Four weeks in the top 10 isn't stellar.

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